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Personal Stories: Joel

My son has Autism and I want to learn more about who he is by seeing what other parents/caregivers and individuals on the spectrum are going through.

I've found that when the Autism community comes together, looking beyond the differences, we'll find the common issues that we really need to focus on and take note of...

I don't take a stand on research, and try to keep an open mind. With this Autisable (and myself) don't like to take sides on major subjects that are shared throughout the community. This has allowed those that are involved the freedom to express their own personal perspectives - bringing new insight to what we do on a regular basis.

It's because of this that we've been able to build bridges across the diverse autism community and find that we are all experiencing similar challenges... but from different points of view. We can, therefore, learn from each other wherever we are.

Joel Manzer, Lead Editor

Personal Stories: Shocase24kts

Personal Stories: Shocase24kts
I’m involved in the Autism community because my son is Autistic.

My son was diagnosed with autism close to three years ago. Before that point in my life I was unaware and had no idea what Autism even was. It has been and continues to be a tough journey, as well as a rewarding one.

I wouldn’t change my son for the world. I noticed strange behaviors in my son throughout his first years. I, as well as his mom thought that’s just how he is. Then, his behavior started to get really out of hand from tantrums, to throwing objects, hitting people, biting people, as well as self- inflicted injuries.

Our daughter was born four days shy of a year from my son. We watched as she began to progress and advance faster than him. We became concerned when she began to talk and he still hadn’t made out a word. We then

After a visit to the doctor, my son Dominique was diagnosed with Autism. That day my life changed. I didn’t know what was going on. I felt hopeless? Selfish? Why didn’t I try and find out sooner? I had a million questions and no answers.

I was pursuing a music career at the time. I was doing shows and was written about in newspaper articles. I was shooting music videos, etc. but I suddenly became discouraged and stopped pursuing my dreams. I started putting all my effort into finding out how to help my son. I enrolled in many autism classes and began to learn as much as possible. What I began to learn I immediately practiced and started applying.

I also came across an article that talked highly about P-A-L Plus enzymes. I ordered them without any hesitation. Within a week he began to say five words. I would highly recommend to all parents with a child with autism to look into these pills and if they feel that it could help, to go ahead and give them a try. The pills are all natural and I have seen wonderful results. The pills are basically for the digestive system. They are all powder and in a clear capsule. I just break the capsule open and stir it into the juice I give him in the morning after breakfast or whatever meal he decides to eat. The P-A-L plus enzymes help break up the food that enters the body. In which many studies show that a person with Autism digestive system is very different than others, and has a huge problem with breaking down food and allowing the right nutrients to go where they are needed.

This can become a huge problem for the brain and body to function properly. I told myself I wouldn’t do music again until he is better. It started out rough because I had to work on his behavioral issues extensively. Anyone that deals with a person in this condition knows it’s tiring and sometimes easier to just give in and let them get their way. Just so the crying and shouting stops for that split second. You have to remain strong for them, and the benefits it will bring to their future. We then put him in ABA lessons in which he is still currently in.

He’s now 5 and he went from a special needs class to an inclusion class. He still has many struggles but has improved drastically. Now I am back to doing my music but I’m still putting all my effort and time into him and my daughter. I thought music was my dream. I know realize being a father of a child with special needs is my lifelong dream. Just the dedication alone is the greatest feeling I have ever felt. I will make sure to be there for him every step of the way. I now have a real reason and purpose in life and purpose to do music. My new song out right now is a Star Wars song by the name of “Young Jedi. “ I will be donating 205 of all proceeds earned towards Autism research. My real name is Samuel Gomez but my stage name is Shocase24kts.

My new song can be view here:

The Children's Sleep Charity

I’ve been involved in the Autism community for over half of my life now. I started working as a volunteer in a special school when I was just 15 years old, supporting a young man with Autism. I then went on to train as a teacher and taught children in both special schools and mainstream. In 2012 I set up The Children’s Sleep Charity to help families of children with sleep issues, many of these families have a child who is on the autistic spectrum.

I like to spread the word about what we do as often families feel that nothing can help to improve their child’s sleep issues. We use a behavioural approach to sleep and have successfully supported thousands of families who have a child with autism to get a better night’s sleep. Research shows that a high number of children with autism have sleep difficulties and we are here to support their families. The charity has worked with a number of leading organisations to provide written support such as the Early Support guide to sleep and also more recently we’ve worked with Contact A Family to develop an information guide for parents that is available from their site. We have also worked with The Sleep Council to produce a guide that can be downloaded from here

Many parents feel that they’ve tried everything and they probably have . . With the support of a sleep practitioner they can explore the difficulty and work out the trigger then use appropriate strategies. We work with leading sleep professionals in order to stay informed about developments and research. The vast majority of sleep issues are behavioural which means that they can be improved with the right support. We offer sleep workshops across the country and clinics. We also deliver a 3 day accredited sleep practitioner course which is extremely popular, we recently trained a number of staff from respite centres, child development centres and nursing backgrounds who will embed our work in their localities.

We passionately believe that families needs support when they are sleep deprived and are working hard to raise the profile of sleep across the country. Sleep deprived children can’t meet their full potential and neither can their parents . . . For details of our work please visit and follow us on Facebook.

Vicki Dawson

Founder and CEO, The Children's Sleep Charity

07852 951165

If you would like to donate to our charity we would be extremely grateful. We receive very little in the way of funding and every penny donated helps us to offer more support to families who are often in crisis. Simply click on this link Thank you!