Autism Burnout In The Workplace And How To Avoid It

Black and white aren't colors. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But black is the absence of all light and therefore of color while white is the reflection of all colors. Both absence and total reflection create an absence of color. 

Well in people on the autism spectrum, a seeming lack of emotional response has been interpreted as an absence of it (psychopathy) whereas for the vast majority, it’s an overload of emotions and external data. This overload leads to autism burnout.

Simple Changes To Address Sleep Issues in Autism

Up to 80% of children with autism experience chronic sleep problems, and many adults on the spectrum also have issues with their sleeping patterns. Sleep is important for everyone’s health and wellbeing, but for people with ASD, problems with sleeping can lead to challenging behavior, difficulty concentrating and heightened anxiety during the daytime. Establishing a good routine at bedtime, providing a secure environment in which to sleep, and furnishing it with appropriate bedding can all help to ensure a better night’s rest.

Tips for a Safe Home for Children with Autism

People who are diagnosed with autism have a significantly higher chance of injury according to a 2017 study published in the American Journal of Public Health. One of the most prevalent causes involves swimming pools, which is indicative of the importance of secure home design. Being extra vigilant about home risks is key because children with autism can lack a fear of danger. Safety involves a multifaceted approach that should include the child’s school, family members, and home. A MyID Medical ID bracelet can also help parents breathe easily, knowing that if ever a child manages to wander away from home, the person who finds and attends to the child can easily access key information. The chances of wandering can be reduced, meanwhile, by building a secure home.

Communicate Creatively By Learning To Draw

Research shows that drawing helps with a child's conceptual formation of the world. Along with practicing key skills, drawing lines, circles, hash shading and sketching, know what your drawing is going to look like.  Getting the basics right allows you to then progress to create better pieces. Start by copying something, look for the shapes within it and start to break it down to allow yourself to produce your own interpretation. There are many drawing tutorial aids available that can take you to the next step or focus on a particular animal.
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