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FFP2 Respirator Masks


FFP2 Respirator Masks


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New Model, FFP2 Respirator Masks. Sold as 1 box of 10 OR 1 box of 20 individual masks.
  • Easy to breathe
  • High-quality construction
  • Fully adjustable fit
  • Comfortable nylon straps
Ships within 24-48 hours

Our 100% Transparency Statement

MyID worked with Wellgistics, a large Pharmacy Distributor in the US, to acquire these FFP2 masks. Wellgisitics received 98% of the order for Pharmacies. While MyID received 2% for its customers. We collaborated with Wellgistics to get better pricing for our customers. Due to worldwide demand, products like this have gone up in price drastically at the factory level. We want to share with our customers the exact costs we incurred to acquire this product.

$2.48 FFP2 Mask Cost
$1.13 FedEx Shipping to the US
$0.08 Merchant Fee
$0.30 Packaging
$3.99 Total Cost per Mask

MyID has additional costs in photography, website management, and programming that are not mentioned.  We wanted to be completely transparent to better inform our customers and help them make an educated decision.



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