Asthma Healing

June 27, 2017

I first got athletic induced asthma or so I thought when I was 28. I used to run 10-15 miles per day, back in the day. I'm in my mid 50's now. So I was put on Ventolin and life went on. In bad years when I'd get the flu I ended up on cortisone inhalers. I never had an incident where I was taken to a hospital but I could never go to sleep at night without hitting the inhaler.

I tried everything, special diets, fasting, colonics, you name it. Nothing ever worked. But 3 years ago I was watching the Richard Roberts show (Oral Roberts son). Mind you, I never believed in these healing ministries, I'd see Benny Hinn on television and thought it was a setup. The wife and I laughed at him for years.

But Roberts had a gal who was born with club feet that were turned in. The doctors said they might straighten out in time. One did, one didn't.

One night Roberts was praying for club feet and this girl's foot straightened. They showed the xrays, before and after the whole 9 yards, she was healed. My wife and I said that if I could ever get healed of asthma we'd really be believers.

I prayed and pressed in every day for 4 months (this was 3 years ago). We went to healing conferences and I came home disappointed and nothing happened. Then one day I was watching a healing conference on television. It was the CAP conference in 2012 with Apostle Maldonado. He's going on and on about miracles, healings and from that moment on anything could happen.

I'm praying. Suddenly I got hit. All I can tell you it was an encounter with the Holy Spirit. It was like l got hit with an air conditioner that went through my breathing passages and lungs. It must have lasted about 30 seconds. I knew something extraordinary happened because nothing like this ever happened before. Now after 25 years its hard to believe I could be healed. I would get up at 3 am choking if I didn't take my inhaler before bedtime. It took me 3 nights to realize I didn't need an inhaler before bedtime anymore.

I didn't need the inhaler at all anymore. This went on for about a year and a half. I went through a rough time financially and it came back. But I learned from the healing ministries that bitterness causes a lot of illness. I dealt with the bitterness I got my healing back. So for the most part of the past 3 years and over a year now I am asthma free. If it was going to hit, it would be in the winter but its December and I'm just fine.

People have told me its in my head, its psychosomatic its anything except what it really is. I am a Jewish person from Brooklyn NY and the last person who would ever think the Jesus of the Bible heals in the 21st century but that is exactly the case as since that time I've come into contact with numerous healing ministries and see healing as the rule, not the exception.

I'm a believer.

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