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“First responders face many challenges during medical emergencies. However, a consistent and growing challenge is gaining access to accurate and up-to-date personal health and emergency contact information. This is primarily true for our rapidly growing older adult population. MyID has proven to be quickest and most efficient way for pre-hospital emergency personnel to gain secure access to potentially lifesaving information.”

Tony Rivello, Kingman Fire Dept.
29 Year Fire Service Veteran

The Modern Medical ID

MyID is the easiest way to access, store, and manage health information. MyID profiles can be accessed anytime, anywhere by either scanning the QR code, calling the 24/7 live support, or visiting the website.

What's behind the QR code?

MyID profiles contain comprehensive information such as vital conditions, medications, allergies, emergency contacts, and much more.


Easily scan the QR code using any QR scanner found on your smartphone’s app store. We recommend using Neo Reader—it’s the fastest scanner on the market.


...Or visit and enter the ID and PIN found on the product.


...Or call the phone number found on the product to speak with a live person that can relay life-saving information.

Case Study with the Corona City Fire Department

Having patient information instantly available to firefighters and EMS personnel during 911 calls can be the difference between life or death for our citizens.
"MyID allows our firefighters to more quickly treat our patients based on their specific medical issues. Our paramedic firefighters in the field will be able to follow a specific path of treatment for better patient outcomes. It also helps reduce time spent looking for medications, as well as deciphering medical problems based on those medications. It frees up all personnel on the scene to focus on patient care.

Get Trained.
Get 50% Off.

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