Introducing MyID Hive

Introducing MyID Hive

The Most Advanced Medical ID on the Market

Meet MyID Pod

Meet MyID Pod

Small size. Big help.

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The all new MyID Hive

Don't skimp on style—mix and match your medical ID

The Mighty MyID Sport

Made from surgical grade silicon, once you put it on, you forget it's even there.
The Mighty MyID Sport

MyID Marketplace

We've teamed up with designers around the country to offer up amazing products that fit MyID Pod.
MyID Marketplace

Real Stories

I went into epilepticus and was dropped off at ER with nothing but MyID on my wrist. I am allergic to a lot of medications, especially seizure medications. My boyfriend didn't know them all, but I had told him if there was ever a problem, scan MyID. The band saved my life.
MyID saved my life time and time again. I can't even begin to tell you how much I owe you, how much my family owes you. Spreading the word seems like a community service. I can use the good Karma! 😉
My car was hit by a truck running a red light. The paramedic asked if I had any medical conditions and I gave him my bracelet. By the time I was put in the ambulance my history had been downloaded to their system and even though I was conscious I doubt I would have remembered everything they needed to assist me.

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The Modern Medical ID

True Peace of Mind
First Responders can access your profile in 5 seconds or less, telling them who you are, who to contact, and how to save your life.
Clear Communication
A doctor may be of no help if you can’t communicate clearly. MyID stores all of your medical information in one place for quick and easy reference.
Improve Your Healthcare
You can connect directly with other MyID users in a trusted, secure network and talk openly about medications, doctors, and insurance programs that directly affect you.