The Benefits of Wearing a Medical ID Bracelet

September 21, 2017


The Benefits of Wearing a Medical ID Bracelet

According to the Autism Society, 1% of the world’s population is diagnosed with the neurodevelopment disorder known as autism. It seems to be more prevalent in the United States, as 1 in 68 children have the disease. Alzheimer's Association reports that an estimated 5.5 million Americans are living with the condition, with 5.3 million of them aged 65 or more. These are two debilitating conditions that can cause mobility issues, memory problems, and other complications. Medical IDs are giving these patients and their caregiver’s new hope.

What Are Medical Ids?

Medical IDs are tags or emblems that people wear as necklaces or bracelets. Also called a ‘personal identification bracelet’ it conveys the message that the wearer is suffering from a severe medical condition and may need immediate medical assistance.

People with Alzheimer's or Autism are often unable to express themselves clearly, and sometimes they may have memory lapses too. Many of them also face mobility challenges. Living in a mobility friendly home will help, but they may need assistance outdoors during an episode. A medical ID bracelet can be a life saver for these people. The bracelet will also help those diagnosed with epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, people with food allergies, and those who need transplants.

How These Bracelets Work

The bracelet will tell others that the person may need immediate medical assistance in an emergency. The medical alert tag is engraved with critical information like the person’s name, his ID number, medical conditions, allergies, blood type, medicines, emergency contact number and such others. Those working in emergency services, such as paramedics, ER staff, and even the police and firefighters are trained to look for medical IDs. Friends and family can also be trained. They can access the database and inform physicians about the condition and its history when the patient is unable to communicate himself.

Benefits of Wearing a Medical ID Bracelet

There are many benefits of wearing the bracelet. It saves lives, eliminates hospital trips, helps you avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, and prevents a minor emergency from becoming a major crisis. Prompt diagnosis and early detection are always critical for effective treatment.

The bracelet will also protect you against medical errors made at the time of admission or discharge. A National Center for Biotechnology Information report suggests such errors are quite common. In fact, half of all medical errors happen during the time of admission or discharge. A small overlooked fact from your medical history can have a huge impact on the recovery. The bracelet reminds physicians and helps them avoid costly mistakes.

Medical ID bracelets serve many purposes. But their main objective is to allow healthcare professionals and first responders get an in-depth view of the patient’s medical condition and history so that the right treatment can be administered without delay. The bracelet is of immense help when the patient is not able to communicate clearly.


​_ Lucy Wyndham​

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