Tips for a Safe Home for Children with Autism

May 30, 2019

People who are diagnosed with autism have a significantly higher chance of injury according to a 2017 study published in the American Journal of Public Health. One of the most prevalent causes involves swimming pools, which is indicative of the importance of secure home design. Being extra vigilant about home risks is key because children with autism can lack a fear of danger. Safety involves a multifaceted approach that should include the child’s school, family members, and home. A MyID Medical ID bracelet can also help parents breathe easily, knowing that if ever a child manages to wander away from home, the person who finds and attends to the child can easily access key information. The chances of wandering can be reduced, meanwhile, by building a secure home.

Choosing the Right Fence

Safety begins by ensuring that all kids in your home cannot easily wander into the street from the yard. Consider a professionally installed safety fence with locks that require keys to open them. You can also place alarms on key doors, or install an alarm system that is activated when somebody leaves the home. Your fence can even have a simply childproof lock, which will work fine for smaller children. As children grow up and learn how to negotiate locks, however, the double bolt is definitely the way to go. If you have a pool, a professional fence is also key. It can take children seconds to drown, so ensure they never have access to the water when you’re not present.

Storing Products Safely

safe home for little ones must have sufficient storage space so that all potentially toxic substances can be kept behind childproof doors, 100% of the time. Children with autism can find it difficult to control impulses such as opening drawers, pulling things out, touching potentially dangerous chemicals, etc. so it is important to keep these items out of reach. Another precaution is to attempt to lower the toxic content of your home. For instance, investing in a good steam vacuum will lower your dependence on bleach, ammonia, and other items that can cause poisoning. Natural cleaning products based on powerful antibacterial essential oils (such as the Thieves blend) can also be used to clean surfaces.

Reducing Burn Risks

Children with autism can be fearless. Their natural curiosity is often not matched by an appreciation of the real risks involved in touching fire, etc. In the kitchen, safety covers should be placed over knobs and stoves so that children cannot turn the fire on. Parents should also use visuals and stories to show children the dangers of fire. These should show STOP or other signs over stoves, grills, etc. so that children can better glean the nature of the risk.

Electrical Safety

All electrical outlets should be covered when not in use. Appliances should also be safely stored. Finally, rooms with big appliances such as the washing machine should ideally be locked to avoid accidents. Finally, wires should be neatly stored away or invisible, since children, as a rule, can be drawn to almost anything lying around the house, including cables and wires.

Every house has its own potential risks so the help of a specialist in risk prevention may be a magnificent way to identify those affecting your home. Generally, the biggest risks - like stoves, swimming pools, and long stairways, can be easily spotted but others (e.g. a grill in your backyard or an electrical outlet that is easily accessible to a child) can slip by your radar. Sometimes, you will identify a problem as it occurs but it is important to bear in mind that safety is a continuous process that will be refined with each passing day.

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