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Meet Prash: Postdoctoral Bioinformatics Researcher

MyID Breast Cancer is honored to sponsor a post by Prashanth Suravajhala, a biologist and bioinformatician who built and released a database in 2007 contains all human hypothetical proteins.


Please tell us why you are involved in the Breast Cancer community?

I am a Postdoctoral bioinformatics researcher engaged in research on identifying the known unknown regions or variants associated with diseases. We have indeed worked on a couple of well known cancers like hepatic carcinoma, lung etc., but have a great interest in finding such variants and regulatory regions associated with BRCA genes. On the latter, no.


Why are you involved in spreading information about Breast Cancer on social media platforms?

I am socio/tech-savvy, love to share and beleive in an adage that "One Who shares, wins"


What interesting research, tips, recipes, or story can you share with our Breast Cancer Community?

I'd be glad to contribute on updates and developments on Systems Biology of BRCA and the regulatory effects the disease has seen in the recent past. To start with my first topic would be on "Long noncoding RNAs in Breast Cancer and their implications." I can send this ASAP.


Finally, what link would you like to share with the community?

Prash was also the winner of the PLOS Synthetic Biology T-shirt design contest which displays his incredible work with hypothetical proteins.


PLOS Synthetic Biology T-shirt design contest winner


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