Daniel Trigger
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Daniel Trigger

Daniel Trigger is generously donating all the proceeds from sales of his music at www.danieltrigger.bandcamp.com/ directly to Dementia UK, and who is also headlining the acoustic stage of the Dementia Aware Fest on May 1st.

He has 5 albums and 5 singles available on that link and his music is rock - ranging from acoustic, through stadium rock to melodic metal. Daniel has an incredible powerhouse vocal style and his songs feature stunning guitar work

Daniel and his backing band “Trigger” have played numerous large events over the past 10 years, including a tour in 2013 when they supported Vega, have sold out the 300-capacity Bromsgrove Artrix Theatre and headlined the town’s fireworks display to an audience of 22,000. Daniel also won "Best Singer/Songwriter" at the Midlands Guitar Hero competition in 2005.

He had taken a break from gigging but when he was invited to headline the acoustic stage at the Dementia Aware Fest in May next year he didn't hesitate to accept and is very much looking forward to it. He will be performing with his band and they will actually be playing it as a semi-acoustic set.

Daniel is honoured to support such a worthy cause, hence why he decided to also donate the proceeds from the sales of not only his back-catalogue, but also this year's 4 singles, and the upcoming single (a power ballad) which is released this month, to Dementia UK



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