Grandpa When

June 27, 2017

How do you explain Dementia to a child?

Dementia can be scary, and children may wonder if the grandparent, or person suffering from Dementia, will remember them. Will Grandpa or Grandma see them? Talk to them? Yell at them? Tell them to go away? Why go to see the person with Dementia at all?

Dementia can be quirky, and Grandpa When, a Sensitive Look at Dementia, is a quirky and insightful little book for kids.

The artwork is done simply with crayons, and the characters names are Grandpa When, Mommy Why, What Bob, and Me Who. The humorous names offset the seriousness of the topic.

“What Bob” and “Me Who” have missed their grandfather. “Mommy Why” tries to explain that “Grandpa When” isn’t remembering things, and that elicits a host of emotions and questions from the boys.

One boy finally decides that he doesn’t want to go see Grandpa.

The story moves from a desire to visit “Grandpa When,” and then explores the questions and fears any child would have. It circles back to the love that they all have for Grandpa, and doing what is right.

Grandpa When helps kids process this emotional journey, and the story concludes with discussion questions.

Grandpa When

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