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Helping Dementia Patients with Music

Many years ago I developed a music calculating device called the MUSICULE™ “makes music easy” It is a Physical Product with corresponding theory Book written around the product for users to complete theory exercises on the product with a non-permanent pen.

I continued developing the concepts for inclusion as Scientific Interactive Music Palette Apps for use on all interactive screen devices.

The range of interactive screen views in particular that would be suitable for Autistic users, care givers or parents are a direct derivative of the MUSICULE™ Makes Music Easy Device

The further advanced Application called SOUNDSEZEE™ Makes Music Easy, will include all 5 MUSICEZEE™ Makes Music Easy interactive screen views, along with a further 3 MELODY-CAPTURE™ interactive palettes.

I feel that the 5 MUSICEZEE™Makes Music Easy Palettes would be of great interest to any person or Child suffering with Autism, due to the bright spectrum colors, as well as the ease of use for creating simple or complex sounds, chords and scales, with the simple tap of a Finger.

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