Personal Stories: Diane

June 27, 2017

Please tell us why you are involved in the Dementia community? Do you have Dementia?

I am an independent emotional health & wellbeing practitioner and advanced trainee of Psychotherapy. I believe in the importance of finding a way to tell our personal story in making a positive difference to health & wellbeing and this informs my work in the field of dementia.

My work in the field of dementia began over three years ago as part of an action research project exploring the impact of involvement-led approaches upon individual wellbeing. I was delighted to be able to engage with a group of family ‘carers’ (I use the word carers tentatively as I hear the voice of family members share how they lose their identity as husband, wife, son, daughter when taking on a caring role for a loved one) and individuals living with dementia who wanted to raise awareness of the impact of dementia in their local community. Together we co-produced an experiential workshop ‘Striding Forward: raising awareness of dementia’ to engage people in conversation, challenge perceptions and beliefs around dementia and change the way people relate to those affected by the condition.

Why are you involved in spreading information about Dementia on social media platforms?

Social media provides a good platform to raise awareness to a wider audience – we need to make a shift change in the way we perceive dementia in order to support those living with the condition to live well – maybe this is one way to start making a difference.

What interesting research, tips, recipes, or story can you share with our Dementia Community?

My top tip would be don’t stop finding a way to communicate and stay connected throughout the journey with dementia, communication is more than words – be creative.

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