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Reset the Age of your Stem Cells and Become Healthy Again

Stem cells are the resident cells in your tissues which divide and give rise to all of the specialized cells which constitute your organs. Your heart, brain, kidneys, pancreas, liver, and the rest of your tissues all have regenerative capacity after injury thanks to the stem cells. As your cells wear out or are injured, stem cells continue producing new ones.

You’ll notice that young people have more vigor, are less likely to become seriously ill after an injury, and recover much faster. And that’s not to mention the muscle strength and quick reflexes young people possess! Recently scientists have discovered that the aging of stem cells underlies the process of getting older.

Interestingly, scientists are beginning to understand why stem cells age. About 50 years of research has finally culminated in the discovery that there are youth factors, produced by the body, which keep the stem cells young. It’s like nutrients our own bodies provide to keep our cells working well.

A vicious cycle begins as we get older: small injuries or infections slightly reduce our body’s ability to function well. When we are young these changes are barely noticeable. But over time they add up, and the healthy feedback cycles between tissues slowly decays. The heart, brain, and kidneys work slightly less well together. And by middle age, we are significantly at risk from injuries, disease, and infections which we no longer can bounce back from with ease.

That is why a breakthrough treatment which supplements youth factors is so advantageous. It restores proper harmony to the body. Not only does the heart pump stronger, because the heart cells are being supplied with the youth factors they need, but the same is true of the brain, kidneys, liver, bones, and so on. And then each organ is able to support the others by better doing its job. A harmonious system returns.

The company xVitality Sciences ( is proud to be offering youth factors infusions. These are not an artificial medication, but the own signals your body produces in abundance when you’re young and health. These have been shown in mouse and human studies to increase lifespan, improve the immune system, brain function, and virtually every organ which has been studied: the spinal cord, body weight and insulin levels, liver regeneration. This treatment acts on the primary cause of aging, and hence reverses age associated diseases.

The most common diseases today, like heart disease, dementia, or diabetes, are caused by an inability of the organ to work properly. They have slowly lost the ability to regenerate with aging. Modern medical treatments can, at best, slow the progression of disease. But with xVitality’s infusions of youth factors, the actual functioning of cells improves, and the disease process itself reverses.

We’re excited to be moving into a future where we can all be healthier, so that we can enjoy life even more. Imagine reversing disease processes, and being able to do things you could when you were young. Or if you’re in middle age, stopping aging in its tracks to prevent the onset of disease. Regardless of where you are in life, you could benefit from the enhanced vitality of restoring youth to your stem cells.


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