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30 Day Humor Challenge: But I'm not funny

30-Day Humor Challenge: But I'm Not Funny (Day 1)

I speak to thousands of people every year about the power of humor. Nearly everybody “gets it,” and they all appreciate humor. But when I suggest that they consciously bring more humor into their lives, some of them resist, saying “But I’m not funny!”

To which I say: “GREAT!”

Here’s the good news. To enjoy humor, you don’t have to be funny! Some of the happiest and most successful people I know aren’t funny, but they recognize its value. They’re not humor initiators but they ARE humor appreciators!

So let’s kick off the challenge with something easy and start by examining your sense of humor. What makes you laugh? Do you enjoy deadpan humor like Steven Wright’s? Or do you like redneck humor like Jeff Foxworthy’s? Maybe you’re a fan of slapstick like The Three Stooges. (Knuuck, knuuck, knuuck…) Maybe you’re a fan of satirical humor like Sarah Silverman? And what are your favorite movies, actors, sitcoms, and games?

By the way, did you know that just thinking about things that are humorous to you provide almost as many physiological benefits to you as actually experiencing that humor? (For those of you who are taking this hoping for science credit, it’s called the Anticipatory Effect. Yes, there will be a test!) So you’re already benefitting simply by thinking about your sense of humor. (That was easy!)

So for today’s challenge: Look around your house, search the Web. Make a note of who and what you find funny and entertaining. And now—spend 15 minutes enjoying one of your favorites.

(FYI, we’re going to come back to these resources during this 30 day-challenge, and tap into them in different ways.)

Congratulations on taking the first step! I’ll see you tomorrow for the next challenge.

I’m Karyn Buxman reminding you to create a humor habit and reap the benefits. Humor is power!

Neurohumorist Karyn Buxman’s mission in life is to enhance global business, improve global health, and achieve global peace through strategic humor.

Posted with permission. To read more and follow tomorrow's challenge visit


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