Diabetes and Alzheimer's Prevention

June 27, 2017

Did you know that 29% of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s also have Diabetes? That means about 1.7 million of the estimated five million who have Alzheimer’s also have Diabetes. So, which came first, the Diabetes or the Alzheimer’s?

Well, research is showing us that uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes effects brain pathways; the extra glucose in the brain actually destroys 'white matter.' Think of the white matter as a switchboard for the brain that facilitates communication between the different areas. If the switchboard is broken or interrupted, there's a failure in brain communication. Translation: there's a big road block. The result? Detours that lead to Dementia, and specifically Alzheimer's Disease. ( Diabetes and Cognitive Decline)

Due to excess glucose causing the destruction of white matter, some have started to call Alzheimer's Type 3 Diabetes. Both are influenced by diet and life-style choices. And, both can be prevented by following a healthy diet and getting regular exercise or engaging in an activity; as kids we used to call that playing!

What is a healthy diet? One that emphasizes fresh vegetables, some fruit, whole grains and protein. It really is just that simple. Oh, and try to limit or eliminate processed foods - they are not your friend.

Regular exercise can be anything from walking 30-minutes a day to preparing for your next IRONMAN™ Event. In fact, I was recently talking with someone about exercise and I asked them if they knew how to play ping-pong. Well, that's exercise, too. In fact, just about any activity from cleaning your house to running five miles can be considered exercise. One thing you can do today is to begin to park your car a bit farther from the entrance to a store or building and walk that extra distance. You would be surprised at how fast extra pounds can come off if you are eating a healthy portion controlled diet and exercising just a bit.

Between a healthy diet and increased activity, you can control your Diabetes and prevent Alzheimer's.

Now, isn't that a great twofer!

Submitted by Phil Ruggiero WarOnDiabetes.org


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