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How Much Sugar Should I Have?

I became involved with people's overall health after fixing my own health issues with nutrition and exercise. I then became a personal trainer and holistic health coach. I studied the affects of sugar on insulin production, belly fat and our overall health. It became my main focus as work with people bringing them to their true healthy self. I even host an "I Quit Sugar" support group once per week.

I truly believe that we must invest in our health. Spend the money up front on healthy food (really not more expensive) and exercise in order to save money on health care costs later. Many people are outliving their retirement funds because they are paying to manage 2 or more chronic conditions. Diabetes, by itself, costs $13k a year to manage, takes ten years off your life, can lead to heart disease, amputation and maybe even mean being tethered to machines for the rest of your life. I believe it is important to educate people on why they need to get active about their health before it becomes a problem.

The average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar daily and 150lbs per year. The USDA liberally suggests that we eat no more than 10 teaspoons a day and the World Health Organization suggests no more than 5 and yet many consume 11 teaspoons just at breakfast on what is considered a healthy breakfast such as raisin bran with skim milk and OJ. Sugar is found in mass quantities in many food items from a pasta sauce to protein bars.

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