Why Weight Loss Can Be So Hard When You’re Diabetic

June 27, 2017

The Craving Cure

I was twelve years old. My parents were expecting company the next day. My Mother had spent the whole day preparing, including baking from scratch a delicious raspberry crumb coffee cake. I remember eyeing it lustfully as the amazing aroma of freshly baked pastry filled our kitchen.

“This is for tomorrow,” My Mother informed me sternly. At night, while the whole house slept, I crept downstairs, picking crumb after crumb off the top of that pastry, desperately trying to cover my tracks by rearranging the sparsely remaining crumbs.

My efforts were not very successful. When the morning light came through the windows, with shame, I faced my Mother’s exacerbated reaction as she gazed, horrified, at the naked shell of her cake—all the toppings and coffee crumbs, gone.

Why did I feel compelled to demolish that cake? I’m certain it was because I inherited a raging pre-diabetic gene on my Father’s side. My Mother, who doesn’t have that physical weakness at all, could never relate to out-of-control physical cravings for carbs and sweets.

Fortunately, for me, I did learn how to control those cravings—for 30 years now—and am grateful to say, I was able to ward off diabetes and completely turn my health around.

The change I made in my own life has been so meaningful to me that my life’s work has been to help others do the same. In 1990, I started my own Wellness Seminar company. Since that time, I have provided weight loss programs in over 75 hospitals and to the employees of 100+ corporations.

The success of my clients has been amazing. In fact, my client’s results have been featured on CNN, ABC-TV Nightline, Good Morning America, USA Today and The Doctor’s Show. Julie Evans lost 140 lb. and has kept it off for over a decade and Kathy was featured in Woman’s World Magazine for having lost 120 lb. with my gastric bypass hypnosis.

Why hypnosis? After studying nutrition, health and wellness for years, and through my own experience battling food addiction and weight loss, I came to see that ultimately it’s only by changing the way we think about food subconsciously, that we can achieve lasting results. The reason so many of us can try to lose weight for years, with no success, is because we still subconsciously prefer the foods that are harmful to us.

Ultimately, we have to break the habits of overeating, bingeing, snacking and emotional eating by tapping into the power of the subconscious mind to change our thinking.

The good news is that with the right tools, it can actually be easy. In 2010, 20/20 contacted me about a story they were doing on Gastric Bypass Hypnosis. This was a procedure being done in Europe to avoid costly and risky bariatric surgery. I was fascinated with the idea of helping obesity victims avoid the risk and trauma of gastric bypass surgery. I studied the technique voraciously and combined what I learned with my decades of experience providing weight loss hypnosis to over 100,000 people in hospitals throughout the U.S. I became one of the first hypnotherapists in the United States to offer Gastric Bypass Hypnosis.

My clients loved it and their results have been amazing. This past year, I had the privilege of being invited on PBS with my 90-minute show, Easy Willpower. The show is still airing on PBS stations across the country and can be watched here on PBS online.

During the first act, the audience celebrated Barbara who lost 90 lb. with my weight loss hypnosis program. I shared the story of how Barbara’s doctor informed her that since she had lost all that weight, her diabetes had gone into remission and they were actually making plans to remove her insulin pump!

So many of my clients have been able to get off their diabetic medications, with the help of their doctors after losing weight.

The great thing about my plan is that it’s all about healthy weight loss. People say that I give them a new inner conversation and it’s just easier to make healthy choices, with the self-hypnosis skills I teach them.

The gift I offer people is freedom. I remember the shame and guilt I felt when I used to overeat on a regular basis. I know how painful it feels to be out of control around food. The secret to permanent weight loss is in the mind and my message to anyone who is suffering is: it’s never too late to make that inner change that can lead to a life-changing result in your life!

About Rena Greenberg

Rena Greenberg’s success with weight loss hypnosis and gastric bypass hypnosis has been featured in 150+ news stories and have been reviewed and sponsored in 75 hospitals. Rena is the Author of The Right Weigh (Hay House Publishing) and The Craving Cure (McGraw-Hill Publishing).

Rena holds a degree in bio-psychology from the City University of New York and a master’s degree in Spiritual Healing from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. She is also a hypnosis and NLP trainer and is board certified in biofeedback therapy.

Rena works with people all over the world, on Skype and in Florida, to improve their health, break free from addictions, lose weight, improve their relationships and achieve their goals.

Rena can be reached at EasyWillpower.com

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