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Personal Stories: DJ

I found myself involved with medical conditions such as epilepsy through my advocation of cannabis as it has an incredible array of uses. Cannabinoids are incredibly effective at helping people overcome epilepsy with regular doses, just like any other reliable medicine it had effective results and is deemed highly positive, the cannabinoid used was CBD (cannabidiol).

There are two active components of cannabis - CBD that benefits an array of medical conditions and the THC component that is the psychoactive component that causes the buzz or the high. It is possible to grow plants specifically tailored for different conditions.

the human brain naturally produces cannabinoids. When you use cannabis, the receptors that take on the components like oxygen or adrenaline can open and relieve or create pathways in the neural receptors giving the brain more functionality. The medicines currently used for epilepsy, do work to a point. Cannabis has a higher chance of effectiveness (using the CBD) and 0% chance of death. it's a win win situation. You either find relief or you realize the current medicine you are using is the better option.

Science is about asking questions. Science refines it's answers all the time. Don't take my word on any of this. Find out for yourself. Cannabis can help with a myriad of problems. Medicine is by far the most important. It can also be a milk, a fuel, fibre and many other things.


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