Personal Stories: Kyle

June 27, 2017

I got involved in the epilepsy community after battling 13 years of seizures. I felt it was time to help bring more awareness to the community. Epilepsy has influenced my life in so many ways; from learning how to deal with challenges to simply meeting new people. In this adventure, I developed what is becoming a new trend in online support groups for people with epilepsy. Friendz 4 Comfort has been my way to share my story and hopefully a way for others to share theirs.

I wouldn’t say I share information about epilepsy on social media. My posts and tweets are meant to be more inspirational and motivational. People battling epilepsy experience some rough times. I want people to see my posts and know they can get through it. Friendz 4 Comfort, along with all the epilepsy groups on social media provide great insights on how people battle their epilepsy. I found that the key to successfully battling epilepsy is to have the ability to share your experiences with others.

A story I relate to my seizures is the time I spent with my parents while I went through my EEG’s. Throughout my 13 years of living with epilepsy, I’ve had 2 week-long EEG’s. My parents would be the ones who kept me smiling. Whether they were taking selfies with me, or watching Friends all night. As bad as it was, it truly was a bonding time for myself and my parents. For anyone who has to go through week-long EEG’s, make sure you find a TV show you can binge on!

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