Personal Stories: Martin

June 27, 2017

What it's like living with epilepsy is very hard. At first I didn't understand what my fiancé was going through.

When my son was 1 month old, we were sitting on the bed. She had Rauji our 1 month old son, and she started convulsing while we were in a conversation. Very scary.

What is like living with her? It is very delicate relationship, if she gets stressed out, or over excited, she can have a seizure. Because of her epilepsy, her memory is very scattered. Even of everyday things. One time she put away my clean clothes after laundry and we can't find them. It took a great deal of searching. At first I thought to myself "Man this girl is nuts!" but after reading and research I realized it's her epilepsy, that made me feel sad. I had to change the way I interact with my fiancé.

Everyday I worry she is having a seizure. I call her from work , on the road or wherever I go.

I think the worst epilepsy attack Niki had was June of this year. She could not walk, her speech became jibberish. I had to take care of her and Rouji. She had 3 seizures. I was so scared. I thought she would not be able to speak or walk again.

I struggle with what is going to happen to my son. he is only 1 years old. if Niki were to die , or never come out of her seizure / stroke symptoms. Should I run, should I stay? I choose to stay and fight for epilepsy sufferers.

I had dig deep in my head mind and body, about this sickness, I want to fix that. With

I am dumbfounded that on this planet in this "modern day and time" we can't find a cure for epilepsy. It just doesn't make sense. What is the difference between this time era, and Christopher Columbus time era? None A BIG FAT NONE. WE ARE STILL OLD AND JURASSIC. REALLY WEIRD TIME WE ARE LIVING.

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