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Personal Stories: Sandi

I was diagnosed with Epilepsy 15 years ago. During that time I have had over 5,000 seizures and I am taking 5 types of seizure drugs.

I went through a difficult time dealing with the depression of my diagnosis but I didn't let my thoughts overtake me. I decided that I could best serve those with disabilities, including all types of disabilities.

Looking at what the community needed for people with disabilities I found that they lacked the ability to have technology. Often this is from an economic reason.

Therefore I decided to form a Non-Profit to aid those to providing them with a computer and the adaptive technology that they needed for a computer.

The days may be difficult for me as many of my seizures occur at night. My service dog is right beside me to help me through it all. He tells me when I will have one and helps me come to. He has saved my life more than once.

Over the years I have found such fulfillment in helping others! I do hope that I can continue to do this for many years.

I live with a tumor in my brain from the seizure but I don't let it stop me as there are so many people that need my services. I work on a volunteer basis as money is not my driving factor!

We all need help in some way or another. I will continue as long as my body will allow.

I do hope that one day they will find a cure



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