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Superman Anthony

On Saturday, August 29th 2015, Anthony "Superman AJ" , suffered a seizure while bathing, he was rescued by his little brother and given CPR by mom until the arrival of City of Sunrise Fire Rescue. After resuscitation at the home, Aj was transported to Plantation General Hospital. His brain was deprived of oxygen for an unknown amount of time. Since the incident Anthony's body has shown that he will be able to live, however his brain function is showing the possibility of recovery. He is currently in whats called a Persistent Vegatitive State (Traditionally, a vegetative state that lasts > 1 mo is considered to be a persistent vegetative state. However, a diagnosis of persistent vegetative state does not imply permanent disability because in very rare cases (eg, after traumatic brain injury), patients can improve, reaching a minimally conscious state or a higher level of consciousness.) Which Anthony is trying and showing to prove!

We all know God is the ultimate healer so we will only speak LIFE into Aj! Anthony has a long road ahead of him for recovery. Currently he is in PICU, the long term recovery for Aj is unknown right now but we continue to have hope despite hearing that his brain damage is moderate to severe. Currently it looks that he will require full care for the rest of his life.
However the family is scheduled to bring him home within a few weeks!

All basic life skills need to be re-learned. From a medical professional stand point, most don't think it is possible for most of these things to be learned. from a mother stand point - HE CAN AND WILL DO IT!

He gets physical therapy now and will start occupational therapy and speech once he is home. The family wants to take him to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber facility for treatments. We have done the research and personally know others this has worked for. The amount of sessions he will need is undetermined but may be up to 40 or more, which is a arm and a leg! We want our Superman to recover! And he is trying so hard. The hyperbaric therapy will reactivate brain cells that have gone dormant. The recovery time for patients with brain injuries is four times faster than traditional therapies. The chamber delivers 100% oxygen to the blood and brain.

Anything that you are willing to help with would be extremely appreciated.

The outpour of love and prayers received by Anthony and his family cannot be put into words. For those who wish to continue to show support, this page has been created to help the family.

You can follow Superman Anthony updates on the Facebook page “Superman Anthony- Test of a Warrior


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