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Personal Stories: Christina

Q: Please tell us why you are involved in the Hypertension community? Do you have Hypertension?

A: I am involved in hypertension because it affects my immediate and extended family. I am the first one in my family who does not have hypertension. I made serious changes 11 years ago. I lost 60 pounds over 8 years and completely changed my lifestyle. I first became educated about what hypertension is, and how it happens. I also tapped into resources such as Dr. Ted Broer, Dr. Eric Braverman and Life Extension All of these sites along with my holistic GYN, and General Practitioner, aided in my transformation.

Q: Why are you involved in spreading information about Hypertension on social media platforms?

A: In 2014 and early 2015, I lost 2 family members and 1 close friend in a 6 month period. All were under the age of 55, and 2 died from heart disease, specifically hypertension. One was an athlete, and physically active, he was 44, and his heart stopped in his sleep. His pressure was so high, the medications were not very successful in the genesis of his diagnosis in bringing it down. Once he died, many of my friends and co-workers encouraged me to start the site since I am always asked about health information, what to eat, how to supplement etc.

Q: What interesting research, tips, recipes, or story can you share with our Hypertension Community?

A: Hypertension is a hardening (loss of flexibility) of the arteries. Your blood flow through your arteries is like a garden hose. As the flexibility ceases, the ability of free flowing blood is compromised causing the heart to work harder to pump blood, thus the pressure is raised. Chronic inflammation damages blood vessel walls with plaque formation causing the hardening. Chronic inflammation comes from excessive insulin levels in the body , which derives from the food you eat. Processed foods high in sugar and salt cause this condition. If you eat like this regularly, you are constantly inflamed. All disease originates from inflammation.The great thing is heart disease is totally reversible and preventable. A diet low in sodium, high in vegetables, fiber, healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, walnuts, sunflower seeds), and proteins (organic eggs, grass-fed meats, wild fish (not farm raised), will prevent this. I recommend the book The Amazing Way to Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Eric Braverman. I took his book to the supermarket and followed The Rainbow Diet, purchasing what he suggested. I bought a blood pressure machine to monitor my pressure, exercise and supplement with herbs in what I eat (ginger, garlic, tumeric, rosemary, thyme etc. ) A great spice rack goes a long way!



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