June 27, 2017

The date was August 31st 2014. Aaron and I finished playing in an adult summer basketball league with our friends. Though the season was fun and ended very well, Aaron started to complain of pain in his left leg. Not thinking twice about it, Aaron went for a check up with his doctor. The doctor informed him that there was a minor injury in one of his quadriceps muscle and prescribed rest for a few weeks. Upon completion of the recommended rest we returned to sports by playing in a flag football tournament. During the first couple of plays Aaron noticed something still was not right when his leg went numb. Convinced that there was something deeper going on Aaron returned to the doctor to receive a MRI. The results for the MRI revealed plaque on his brain and he was then diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis; a disease his father suffers from as well. The next few months became an uphill battle, having to cope with the idea that life, as he knew it, changed. Going from being one of the most athletic people I know to not being able to complete a jog up the court was more damaging mentally than physically. But just like a Superhero getting up in the fight, he began to face this disease head on. He joined a gym, started a daily exercise program, and still gets out to enjoy some aspect of sports.

In March 2015 I decided to set a goal of completing triathlons. Although I have competed in various sports before, I knew that training for Triathlons would be the ultimate challenge. After I told Aaron my plan he was more excited for this journey than I was. Since that conversation Aaron has taken on a role as a motivational coach. He checks on my schedule, pushes me to work harder and even rides a bike while I was running so I won’t have to do it alone. Because of his commitment to helping me with my journey I decided to dedicate this challenge to Aaron by fundraising with the Multiple Sclerosis Society to help find a cure for this disease. Partnering for this cause has made each and every step towards the finish line count twice. Most of all I hope this journey inspires others the way my friend the Super Hero inspires me.

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