Personal Stories: Jason

June 27, 2017

Hello. My name is Jason and I am 39 from Michigan. Late last month I ended up via ambulance in the hospital, for the scariest 9 days of my life. Unable to feel my arms-legs, dizzy and confused- I ended up after lengthy testing, being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosois. That was devastating news I was not prepared for.

Not being able to work due to my MS, I am constantly either at a Dr.-Neuro-Therapy- etc apt. I am currently on 8 different medications to try to get my symptoms under control. Unfortunately, the bills are starting to add up. Not working, I have rent-phone-elect-etc, on top of a dozen medical bills that are overwhelming me.

In my day to day life I am a CNA(certified nursing assistant) and I love to help others get well. Sadly, I am the one needing help right now.

The one thing I do enjoy in life is professional wrestling. WWE-TNA-ROH- it really takes the edge off of life. Thus the Fight MS Fight, after the best wrester in WWE today, Kevin Owens ! You can find me on twitter as well @DolphZiggler

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