Personal Stories: Kellen Prouse

June 27, 2017

Diagnosed with MS in 2010, things went downhill quickly. A short six months after diagnosis I couldn’t walk, see or feel much of anything. I was commuting daily to Seattle on the Ferry and was struggling just to get to work. Trying to maneuver commuter crowds with a cane was frustrating to say the least. I worked in a warehouse that supplied theatrical lighting, sound and stage equipment where I prepped and delivered rentals.

Family on adventure PNWNot what you could call light duty. That was only the beginning. I felt lost. I couldn’t help around the house. I couldn’t keep up with friends. Hell, I couldn’t even keep up with the large crowd of commuters headed off work.

The tough days helped Meg and I grow closer. She is always there to support me. I mean literally — she carried me to the bathroom when I couldn’t get out of bed. This badass chick stepped up to jab needles into my muscles to inject my medication.

I spent the next year trying hard to not give up on my job. I thought I would be a failure if I couldn’t get up and go to work everyday. Not only did I think it gave me purpose but we needed money too. I wasn’t sure that we could survive with me on disability. But I researched relentlessly, saved up, cut our spending and jumped off into the abyss and haven’t looked back. It hasn’t always been easy

Rad couple on ferris wheel adventurebut I wouldn’t change a thing. Having MS has shown me that just because I can’t do “normal” things doesn’t make what I can do any less. If anything, it has inspired me to only pursue things that truly make me happy.

Being on disability has allowed me to focus on nutrition and living as chemical-free as I can. Being home also gave us the opportunity to unschool our rad son. The rest of my time is spent programming, playing music or napping; lots of napping, oh the naps!

Meg and I quickly learned that no matter what struggle we are facing it could always be worse. Even though my MS continues to progress we try and find the adventure in whatever life throws at us. Wheels and Red is where I can share everything that MS is to me and my family. It’s a place to connect with other rad people who are life livers.

Dad son being silly on adventure

To read more about Kellen, his adventures, great outlook on life or to connect with him, find him at

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