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Custom orders take 15 days to make, this does NOT include shipping time. Text will print in ALL CAPS. Custom products are non-refundable and will add 3-5 days to your entire order. Emojis cannot be engraved. Any vulgar or offensive language will not be engraved. Please proof your text.

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  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 100% Waterproof

The MyID Hive is our next generation medical ID which was entirely redesigned with the active lifestyle in mind. The band is made from a comfortable silicone material with a simple snap-and-tuck fastener.

The metal MyID Pod is made from a solid piece of anodized aluminum that is modular in design—which allows it to fit into a variety of bands, necklaces, and wearables. The 3 access points to your medical profile are laser engraved for maximum durability. Perfect for those living with diabetes, autism, epilepsy, or any other medical condition.
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  • This is a general MyID question. Is there a way to record previous medications & operations. Pretty much a full medical history?

    Great question! Short answer is yes. The longer answer is that our profile offers the ability to input information and mark it as Not Visible on public profile (which is what First Responders see when they access your profile). If you would still like it displayed to First Responders, then we also leave a Notes section next to each data entry where you can input wheather it's a previous medication. As for operations, we have an "Other Information" section where you can put in the procedure name and any notes associated with that procedure. Hope this helps!

  • So, there's only a one time cost for pod, and no monthly membership fees to keep your information stored? Is that correct? I'm considering this for a parent with dementia.

    That is correct. Our MyID Profiles are free for life! We do offer Plus features for those who would like to take advantage of it, but they are not necessary. Learn more here

  • Is the MyID Hive waterproof?

    Yes, since there is no electrical components, the Hive and Pod are completely waterproof.

  • Do all er and ems know what it is and how it works? Is this something they look for, I have seizures and can not respond if needed?

    All EMs and ER medical professionals are trained to look for medical ID jewelry. There are many who know about the MyID and some who don't. We have a number of awareness campaigns educating them about this modern medical ID. Our users typically show all of their personal medical acquantaines which also helps raise awareness about the MyID product and its many benefits. 

  • Have one more question: What are the dimensions of the Hive band? Length and width..Thanks!!

    MyID Hive (small):
    9.5 inches in length
    0.4 inches in width

    MyID Hive (large): 
    10.6 inches in length
    0.4 inches in width

  • How many lines and letters per line go on a pod?

    If you select the Custom Pod as an option, it will display the input boxes to type in your text—along with the limitations. But to answer your question, custom MyID Pods can hold 4 lines. Lines 1 & 4 can hold 20 characters. Lines 2 & 3 can hold 29 characters. Spaces are considered characters.

  • When you purchase a custom pod, what does the engraving replace, the Medical Symbol or the Scan and ID info?

    Great question! The engraving replaces the Medical Symbol. The unique QR Code and ID info remain on the flip side.

  • I received my Hive in the mail and I am trying to get it on my wrist. Is there a trick to getting it on quickly?

    Yes, we actually have a video that shows how to fasten the Hive quickly. 

    >>> Watch video here <<<

  • Is there an app then that you can download that connects to this bracelet? If so, where can I download it?

    Great question! You can set up a free MyID profile at

    iPhone App Store

    Android Play Store

  • So do you just buy the myid pod and pop it into other products on the MyID marketplace? Is that how this all works?

    Yes, that's right. Once you have purchased the MyID Pod or the Hive which comes with a MyID Pod, you can then put it into any product sold in the MyID Marketplace.

  • I already have one, how do I buy just a band?

    Great question! You can purchase more bands for your MyID Pod here.

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Paint a clearer picture with additional categories such as physicians, labs, insurance, medical imaging and more.

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Attach important documents to your profile for quick access anytime, anywhere.

Medication Reminders
Receive pill reminders to make sure you stay on top of your health.

Text Alerts When Scanned
Get a text whenever your medical ID is scanned. You can also choose to keep the emergency contacts in the loop.

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