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MyID Sleeve Medical ID


MyID Sleeve Medical ID

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Our MyID Sleeve medical ID is the perfect companion for your Apple Watch, Fitbit, Samsung Gear, Garmin, TicWatch Pro, Disney Magic Bands, and many other forms of wrist wear. Made of flexible surgical grade silicone, the MyID Sleeve makes it easy to have your medical information with you and not even notice it's there. The sleeve is about the width of a quarter, so a good way to check if it fits is to hold a quarter up to your band. The chart belows shows some products that fit the sleeve.

About the width of a quarter.
Inner Width 21.7 mm
Inner Height 2.7 mm
Outer Width 24.7 mm
Outer Height 5.7 mm
Length 17.5 mm


myid medical id sleeve for fitbit apple watch garmin
myid medical id sleeve for fitbit apple watch garmin


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  • Are the sleeves water proof? Also, from what I have read, i only need 1 sleeve for my apple watch?

    Yes, they are waterproof. 1 Sleeve should be sufficient per watch.