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MyID Sleek Medical ID Bracelet (changed to Flex Silicone)

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MyID Sleek Medical ID Bracelet (changed to Flex Silicone)


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  • I had a life strength sleek. If I ordered would I be issued new pin/id or would I get to keep my old ones

    Yes, each MyID product comes with a unique ID and Pin. Simply log into your profile, click Link Product, and enter the ID and Pin found on the bracelet. 

  • Do you put the ID information on the back of the middle piece? Or do you need to order more items than the Sleek for information?

    Great question! The back of the middle piece is what has the 3 access points to your profile—QR Code, Phone Number, and Website. All of which point to your online profile once you link the band to it. Your online profile is what stores all the information. 

    Click here to learn more about what MyID is and how it works.

  • how you put the person information on it?

    You can order a condition slider for the MyID Sleek here:

    Sleek bracelet:

  • Is it water proof

    Yes, there are no electircal compenents. The band is made of medical grade silicone. The clasp is made of stainless steel. And the MyID middle piece is made of anodized alumnium. All of which are water proof. Hope this helps :)

  • How do you put it together

    You can watch our video tutorial here