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Customizable medical ID.
Many style & color choices.
Free medical profile.

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medical id diabetes bracelets customization

Customize your medical ID and add important information.

Everybody's diabetes situation is different and in emergencies it helps first responders greatly if they know about your diabetes right away.

MyID Diabetes ID Bracelet App Profile Screen

Free medical profile to store diabetic information

Use your medical ID's linked profile to store your health information. In emergencies First Responders can easily see that you have diabetes and know how to help you. With MyID you can manage your free medical profile and quickly update it at any time.

How myid works

Why should diabetics wear medical IDs?

A medical ID can speak for you if you can't speak for yourself
Many people with diabetes fear being in a situation where they are unable to help themselves because of high or low blood glucose. MyID allows immediate identification of the problem to both bystanders and paramedics.

Ensure you get proper treatment
Time is precious in emergencies and if respondents know of your diabetes, you can be treated quickly and effectively.

Peace of mind so you can enjoy life
Having diabetes can be difficult, but with MyID you can worry less & focus on other things in life that need your attention.

The day you choose not to wear one might be the day you need it
Finding a medical ID you're comfortable wearing everyday can be a challenge. MyID offers a variety of styles so you can find the perfect one for you.

Customer Testimonials

"I struggled to find IDs that I felt comfortable wearing as I didn’t want to feel “labeled” or “sick”, but the MyID Sleeve was perfect for me!"
David Mina
"I have pre-diabetes, ADD, ADHD, and many other things. This bracelet has saved my life MANY times."
Jamie Warren
"I know medical personnel will have access to my medical information that could potentially save my life."
Nancy Smith
"I love my Hive, I wear it 24/7. The best thing about the Hive is you can buy extra bracelets and just switch the pod to a different bracelet."