Diabetic Bands

Dealing with Diabetes requires constant supervision. Type 1 Diabetes typically occurs in children. Type 2 Diabetes affects the older population. Either condition is equally severe and needs special attention. In Type 1, the body develops an autoimmune response. This means that the body’s immune system perceives the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas as threats and neutralizes them. This mainly causes a hike of unprocessed sugar in the blood leading to several kinds of health problems. Patients would need to take insulin injections daily. 

First Responder Alert 

Sometimes an excess of insulin in the blood can cause hypoglycemia whereby the body goes into shock and seizures. Lack of insulin also presents a potentially life-threatening situation. It is a common threat for both types of Diabetes. Wearing diabetic bandscan be hugely helpful. 

These assure that if the patient loses consciousness in the road, first responders know what to do. The bands minimize the chances of medical errors so that the patient receives the right kind of treatment. Healthcare workers worldwide testify that pursuing the right line of treatment in emergencies is the key to saving lives.   

Help Always at Hand

If you have a diabetic child, do not take any risks. Get the Type 1 diabetic medical alert bracelet.It provides you the mental peace that even when you are not around with your child, you have still done all that you could. The modern bracelets have QR codes that reveal all the vital information you need to convey in seconds. Professional healthcare workers can immediately contact you with the information you provide in the bracelet. 

Traditional medical ID bracelets do not have the scope to provide the full range of information. There is only so much engraving space to write the name, phone number, and a brief note of the disease. Upgrading to one of the advanced digital units effectively solves this problem.

Suitable for All Ages 

Older patients would prefer the Type 2 diabetic medical alert bracelet.These are neat tech-savvy units that come with a lot of distinct advantages. Apart from providing information on contact details, the bracelet allows the scope to provide details on additional conditions such as multiple allergy disorders, insurance, and the exact dose of diabetic medicine the patient needs to take daily. Moreover, it is effortless to alter or edit this information. 

All you have to do is access your password-protected account and update the information. Unlike the regular interchangeable medical IDs, there is no need to replace the entire ID tag. Buying a single ID would suffice for years. Unless you lose or misplace the band somewhere, there is no need to buy a new one.

Even when you lose the wrist band, the support system is still present. Since you provide vital information like contacts and insurance, you would not want the band with anyone else. To lock the band, call our customer care department. We would block your current band immediately and receive the orders to buy a diabetic bracelet in the same phone call. 

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