ID Bracelet For Babies

Babies are the most adorable company to be with. The worst nightmare a parent could have is getting their just delivered baby exchanged in the hospital during discharge. This has happened several times in several hospitals earlier. It might have a traumatized effect on the parents, which is why each baby should have a baby identification bracelet so that there is no such confusion. 

Why Do You Need ID Bracelets for Babies?

Babies cannot speak for themselves, so obviously, having a unique mark on them can save them from any of the consequences mentioned above. Tying up a wrist band on their hands or writing their surnames on their cots or date of birth is also not feasible enough as many of them might share the same time of delivery, and the band might get entangled as well. This mostly happens in the case of twins or babies of the same gender.

To avoid such confusion, a separate and unique identification code must be provided to all the newborn babies. The government has taken over this case and decided to name them, following a particular norm. The entire process of naming must comprise of:

  • The newborn baby’s gender, along with the mother’s last and first name.
  • The other identification is adding a barcode to them with their unique body site mark or ID. 

This can reduce the risk, and the government has made it mandatory for maternity hospitals to follow this particular rule. It must be confirmed that the child ID bracelet silicone should meet all the requirements. 

Finding The Best Baby ID Bracelet

If it is a barcode wristband, the code must be proper and precise so that it does not get washed or torn under any circumstances. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before finding the best identification bracelet for your newborn:

  • The shape and the design of the baby boy ID bracelet must be such, making it easier to scan later on. 
  • It should be soft so that it is comfortable for the baby. 
  • The code section at least should be laminated so that it does not get wiped out with hand sanitizers or moisturizers. 
  • Adhesive closures are a must to avoid tampering.
  • The size of the wrist bands should be flexible.
  • The mother and her baby must have similar wristbands to get identified easily. 
  • The entire system must be transparent and foolproof.

In case your barcode wristbands do not fulfill all the criteria mentioned above, an alternative ID bracelet for babiesmust be prepared for the mother and the baby immediately. No risks should be taken in such cases. 

Few of the identification codes are stuck on their baby cots also, but wrist bands are most preferable. This reduces the risks of getting the babies exchanged and thereby saves the reputation of the doctors and hospitals. In many hospitals, even individual nurses are appointed to fulfill this procedure as it is no less critical. The safety of both the mother and child is the most important thing for the hospital faculty. 

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