ID Jewelry

Wearing ID jewelry is more than just about making a statement. For patients suffering from different kinds of chronic conditions, these identity tags can well mark the difference between life and death. It is always vital to think positively and take all precautionary measures against urgent medical situations. Suppose a person is having a seizure and is at risk of losing consciousness, the information available on the ID tag helps first responders to proceed with the right line of treatment. These bracelets are available in three major categories, so you would have to take your pick wisely. 

Check Out the Products 

Look out for the products on the medical ID jewelry Instagrampage. You can see the product images and understand how they work. It is vital to make sure that you are heading over to the medical bracelet page and not looking for designer jewelry. ID tags are not designer items, although you can customize them according to your requirements. These are available in three different variants, the silicone, the metallic, and the digital QR code enabled. 

ID jewelry silicone is one of the best options if you are looking for a colorful medical wristband at an affordable cost. Despite being colorful, these are not fashion accessories. Instead, the bright color serves as a conspicuous reckon to look into it for life-saving information. However, parents who need to give the id bands to their kids can have the peace of mind that children don’t mind wearing these as the colors look stylish. 

For All Ages

If your child is a patient of juvenile Diabetes, do not delay getting an ID band that mentions this. In the event of a diabetic shock, first responders can immediately proceed with the right treatment line, relying on the bracelet’s information. ID jewelry sports are also relevant if the young patient has a history of epileptic seizures or is allergic. Mention the AED (Anti Epileptic Drug) or the need for an EpiPen (Epinephrine injection) for patients with allergy. 

Apart from the silicone products, you can also choose metal ones where the information is engraved on a metallic plate. However, the metallic ones are typically more popular with young adults due to their intrinsic style quotient. They look great on the wrist, just like a fashionable ID jewelry tennis bracelet. 

Digitally Coded Products 

Nowadays, one of the popular options is the digitally coded products. These consist of a QR code, scanning which all the necessary information regarding the patient is available within seconds. This bracelet also allows easy updates and altering of information on a password-protected account. This feature is understandably unavailable when you are wearing a silicone or metallic band. With them, you will have to get a new band altogether. 

Moreover, the digital bands also have other information such as insurance and contact details in full. In case you lose them, you can easily lock the coded bands by a quick call to our customer service. The allowance of full details also allows you to mention multiple allergies in a single band and other info such as Diabetes, heart conditions, and epilepsy. Thepurpose of this ID jewelry reviewis to help you to arrive at an informed decision.  

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