Medical Dog Tags

Dogs are indeed a part of the family. If you have a dog or any other pet at home, it is not just a blessing but also a responsibility. Taking care of them and their health is no less than doing the same for humans. 

Dogs, despite being the kindest animal, tend to escape. They do this not because they are unhappy or unhealthy but for some fresh air. Somehow they forget the way back to their masters and lose the way. That is the time when a medical ID tagplays its role. Having the card around their neck can save your dog!

How Can Medical ID Tags Benefit Your Business?

Medical ID Tags work even more smoothly for hospitals. If your dog has a medical dog tag, it makes an alert to the respected medical professionals about their medical and health condition. There is a lot of importance to this tag. A few of them are mentioned below.

  • If the pet is wearing an eye catchy med ID tag like “he has cancer” or “she is under medication,” etc., the metal piece on their collar forwards the accurate health information to the vet.
  • Purchasing the best medical ID dog tag for your dog is always recommended. The best quality product helps the doctor to start the treatment immediately with the proper information from the metal. Otherwise, a lot of time tends to get wasted in diagnosis. 
  • The slightest discomfort of the dog is also detrimental to his health. The military –medical-dog tags are so useful that they have the power to understand even the most minor change in the pooch’s body. 

The best medical dog tags provide a unique identity to your dog and help them get immediate medical help. It can be an ideal gift for your pet. There are three other ways to tag your dogs.

  • ID tags- An excellent material tag is always preferable so that they last for a long time—for example, solid plastic or stainless steel. 
  • QR Codes-A QR code or a blanket id helps the owner to trace the dog. 
  • Sliding Tags- This is more like a harness and slips through easily. Sliding tags are not recommended much as they do not have a unique identity for each dog. 

However, if you are using any of the tags mentioned above other than the medical ones, make sure to include the dog’s name, of course, your mobile number. This way, even if they are lost, the one who finds them can bring them back. In the case of medical tags, the microchips do the needful. 

If you have a dog, give them the medical tag on their first birthday. This will keep him safe and protected throughout. In case the microchip gets damaged, a new one can be made and attached to the previous tag. It is more of a necessity now than anything else. A vet’s clinic is always full of patients, and during emergencies, it gets challenging to wait for your turn. At that time, the medical dog tag becomes very useful and gets immediate help without any hassle. 

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