Safety Bracelet

Do you suffer from a chronic condition? Even allergy attacks can be very severe, rendering the patient unconscious. Other serious health risks include getting into an insulin shock or losing consciousness following an epilepsy seizure. All these circumstances warrant maximum attention. That is why doctors and healthcare workers widely recommend wearing a safety bracelet. 

Stay Safe

According to data convened from a survey of first responders, more than 80% of workers on the field first look for a medical ID bracelet on the fallen person. Such a situation can be potentially life-threatening. Therefore, it is essential not to take undue risks and get a medical ID wristband. These wristbands consist of vital information, such as the name and emergency contact numbers for the patient. Also, they notify healthcare workers of the condition the wearer is suffering from so that the right treatment line can be administered from the start. 


Especially for allergy attacks, when you have to carry an epinephrine injection on a person all the time, it is safe to notify others of the same via the personal safety bracelet.The bracelet fits snugly on the wrists made of an elastic silicone material. There is no risk of these getting out of the wrist and losing them when facing a blackout. Several types of medical ID wristbands are available in the market. 

Benefits of Tech Bracelets 

However, of late, the digitally coded ones have been trendy due to their additional advantages over the traditional silicone or metallic engraved types. This is for the simple reason that there is only so much space in a single bracelet to write down all the necessary info in the standard engraved versions. If you want to write something more, either you have to wear multiple bands or use the interchangeable types. However, with the digital variants of alert jewelry, this problem effectively solves. These consist of a unique QR code, which one needs to scan on the smartphone to access all the details right away. 

There is no need to wear interchangeable types and compromise one health condition by prioritizing another. Inform the first responder with all the relevant data even if you have multiple allergies or suffering from a diabetic disease along with it. 

Suitable for All Age Groups 

Speaking of Diabetes, many young children have Type 1 Diabetes. You should do your best to see that your kids receive the right attention if they get into an insulin shock. Epileptic children can also greatly benefit from wearing one of these bracelets. Look up our webshop for a comprehensive collection of safety bracelets for children.These are available in different colors and look stylish on the wrist so that you can be sure your child is not taking it off when you are not looking. 

Senior citizens can also find great benefits from the emergency bracelet. Apart from providing information regarding the chronic condition you are suffering, the QR scan also includes info on insurance so that the healthcare process can proceed in the right direction from the very onset of an emergency. 

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