Whether you’re living with or caring for someone with a urea cycle disorder (UCD), you know how unpredictable the disease can be. Getting sick, being stressed, or eating too much protein can undo your best efforts to control ammonia—and suddenly you end up in the emergency room. UCDs are rare enough that many emergency room staff members don’t know how to handle the unique needs of patients with a UCD. MyID allows you to update, access and store medical information to ensure you get the treatment you need

Urea Cycle Disorder Bracelet

  1. Select Band

  2. Choose UCD Slider

  3. Use Coupon Code Given By Your PAM

MyID Medical ID UCD Slider For Hive

MyID Hive Bracelet

The MyID Hive is made from a comfortable silicone material with a simple snap-and-tuck fastener. The metal MyID Pod is made from a solid piece of anodized aluminum that is modular in design—which allows it to fit into a variety of bands, necklaces, and wearables.

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MyID Medical ID UCD Slider For Sport

MyID Sport Bracelet

The MyID Sport is perfect for people living active lifestyles and seeking comfort in a medical grade silicone wristband. The Sport is available in a variety of colors to match your unique personality and style. You can easily slide your custom UCD slider onto the bracelet.