MyID Sport Medical ID Bracelet

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  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 100% Waterproof

The MyID Sport is a medical ID bracelet made from lightweight and comfortable medical grade silicone. The Sport is available in a variety of colors to match your unique personality and style. Ideal for an active lifestyle. The perfect medical ID for those living with diabetes, epilepsy, autism, & other medical conditions.

The Sport is the perfect medical ID for kids! We offer Child sizes in the following colors: Neon Blue, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Gray/Blue, Black/Pink, Gray/Yellow, Salmon/White


Ask a Question
  • Is there any metal on the MyID Sport?

    Nope, it's 100% silicone.

  • Is the band reversible?


  • Can I use this bracelet to inform medical personnel that I am taking Naltrexone in the event of being unconscious? If so is there extra monthly charges? Thank you for your time, Kirt

    Yes, you can do this with the FREE companion MyID app. In case of an emergency, medical professionals can scan your MyID product and get this information. We have had numerous MyID users who have gone though this experience and the information on the MyID has saved their lives. 

  • Is the MyID Sport waterproof? I.e. in a pool 6 hours a week.

    Yup, it is waterproof!

  • I have a latex allergy. Can I still wear your products?

    If you are allergic to latex you can still wear MyID products. All of our MyID products are made from silicone and flouroelastomer and are latex-free.

  • Is the band adjustable?

    No, the MyID Sport is not adjustable. Please click here to see the sizing chart.

  • How do I get this on my wrist? Does it just stretch? If so, do I have to worry about it snapping?

    You simply stretch it out and pull it over your hand. You would have to really stretch it out a lot for the MyID Sport to snap or break. This band is not adjustable. 

  • Does the MyID Sport stretch over time?

    The MyID Sport is very durable and maintains its shape over time. It does not stretch out over time, but will keep its same shape for a long time.

  • My son would like several sport bracelets of different colors. Can multiple bracelets be linked to the same profile so he is able to switch colors easily?

    Yup, you can link as many MyID Products to your profile as you'd like. If he loses one of them, you can easily unlink it from your profile. Hope this helps!

  • Where do we put info?

    Great question! MyID products link to your online medical profile that you create for free at or download our free App. Some of our products, such as our MyID Hive, have some customizable option in conjunction with having access to your online profile.  Hope this helps!

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