The Cancer Solution Taking Charge of Your Life with Cancer

The sun rises and the sun sets. It seems like the sun rotates around the Earth.

Cancer cells rise and are killed by surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. It seems like cancer is a disease.

The sun does not rotate around the Earth, and cancer is not a disease.

The many forms of cancer cells are the products of the disease neoplasia that can emerge in our organs and tissues.

Meet Prash: Postdoctoral Bioinformatics Researcher

MyID Breast Cancer is honored to sponsor a post by Prashanth Suravajhala, a biologist and bioinformatician who built and released a database in 2007 contains all human hypothetical proteins.


Please tell us why you are involved in the Breast Cancer community?

I am a Postdoctoral bioinformatics researcher engaged in research on identifying the known unknown regions or variants associated with diseases. We have indeed worked on a couple of well known cancers like hepatic carcinoma, lung etc., but have a great interest in finding such variants and regulatory regions associated with BRCA genes. On the latter, no.

Innovative Products: The PICC Band

Chaitenya Razdan, co-founder of Care+Wear, tells us about the company’s first product in creating “innovative healthwear for patients everywhere”

Family and friends, like our friend Caroline who helped to design the initial Band, struggled with a range of complex emotions, including the isolation that often comes from being seriously ill. Quite suddenly, the individual is a patient first and a person second. Caroline had a PICC line and was advised to use a tube sock to protect and cover the site, which made an uncomfortable treatment even more awkward. Caroline’s bulky tube sock became a constant reminder of her illness.

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