Meet Taylor: A Type 1 Diabetic With An Autoimmune Disorder Hoping To Inspire Others

March 20, 2019

taylor type one diabetic

My name is Taylor and I am 28 years old. I was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disorder called IPEX at 18 and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 1.5 years old. The reason I am a Type 1 Diabetic is that this autoimmune disorder (IPEX) attacks your immune system, including the pancreas, causing my Type 1 Diabetes. This autoimmune disorder is described as a gene mutation that is passed on from a mother to her son due to a gene mutation on the X chromosome. Since males only have 1 X, this causes significant impairments to other organs (kidneys, stomach, skin).

There is currently no cure for this disease except for a bone marrow transplant which I have personally decided to not pursue at this time as this procedure has many side effects, including death. Some people may ask why I’m so open and how I’m so positive with such a severe autoimmune disorder and my answer is simple; my autoimmune disorder does not control or define my life, I do. And, I chose to have a positive outlook on the hand I have been dealt with. I love using my own personal experiences to benefit and help others. I get excited when I use my real life struggles as motivation for others, which is why I chose to be a therapist and be an example of hope for others. We all go through difficulties in life and we all need to try our hardest to turn the negatives into positives.

I came across MyID through my friend on Instagram, @type1livabetic, and was intrigued by the product. I was so sick of wearing necklaces, bracelets, and carrying around pieces of paper in my backpack explaining my condition that I decided to get a MyID Sleeve for my Apple Watch and I love it!

I now have more peace of mind knowing if something were to ever happen in public, whoever comes across me in a medical emergency can see my bright red tag, look at the back, and give my QR code a quick scan to find all my medical info.

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