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Diabetic Utah Teen Cuts Back On His Insulin To Save Parents Money

type 1 diabetic dillon hooley

Helping his parents any way he can

Dillon Hooley did what most teenagers would do if they saw their parents struggling financially; he found any way possible to help. For Dillon, that meant cutting back on his insulin.

He has type 1 diabetes, and is supposed to keep his blood sugar levels between 130 and 150. After cutting back on his insulin rations, his levels jumped as high as 300. 

Why was he letting his levels get so dangerously high and risk going into a diabetic coma? "I wasn't thinking right, but my parents work so hard to give me what I need, and I didn't want to put more financial stress on them," said Dillon.

The growing cost of insulin

From 2012 until 2016, the cost of insulin for people with type1 diabetes nearly doubled, from $2,864 per year to $5,705, according to a study out this month from the Health Care Cost Institute, a nonprofit research institute.

To read the whole article and Dillon's story on CNN, click here.


Feb 14, 2019 • Posted by Dee Allen

How can we help contribute funding for Dillon Hooley’s meds?? thanks.

Feb 14, 2019 • Posted by Kim Lorton

Hi. How can I get in touch with the family to offer them some help for Dillon? I would like to do this.
Thanks, Kim Lorton in Kennesaw, Ga.

Feb 14, 2019 • Posted by kristin cunningham

how could I send the Hooley’s some money? Can’t someone help Dillon get to college?

Feb 14, 2019 • Posted by Cat

Death. He was risking DEATH, not just a coma.

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