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5 Yr Old Twins Save Mom

Two little girls learned their lesson. They are not in trouble, but they did save their mother’s life.

The 5-year-old twins jumped into action the moment they realized something was wrong.

The girls were just about ready for bed, but one wanted a glass of water, so she called out to mom.

When mom never answered, she went to investigate. That is when she found her mom lying on the kitchen floor.

Alexia dialed 911 and did everything the dispatcher asked.

Alexia and Alayna’s mom suffers from epilepsy. Seizures aren’t new and her twins have seen her have them.

Alayna even scribbled a note with the people first responders should contact.

Alexia could not get the front door open, but she opened the patio door and garage for medics.

Now knowing their lessons worked, Mom and Pop-pop say they could not be prouder of their 5 year olds.

“They’re so grown up for their age. They, as 5 year olds do so much more, not only just in school but in a sense of anything, so much more than I’ve seen normal 5 year olds do,” said Kelly Mougey.

“We feel better now knowing that it’s kind of a test and they passed the test really well. They knew what to do and they stayed calm enough to be able to get it done,” said Steve McDowell.

Mougey is recovering and credits her brave little girls for saving her.

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