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hypertension high blood pressure chart

Blood pressure is a highly overlooked disease that has been proven fatal for some. There are lots of people who suffer from high blood pressure and may not know it. It is actually common as it affects more than 3 million people in the US alone.

According to Blood Pressure Magazine, normal blood pressure for adults is about 120/80 mm Hg. So, you're probably wondering, what is high blood pressure and also what does 120 and 80 mean? An individual’s blood pressure is typically expressed by the systolic pressure over diastolic pressure and is measured in millimeters of mercury.

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of blood vessels. This type of circulation is typically measured at a person’s upper arm.

Having your blood pressure too low and also be fatal. While having high blood pressure is called Hypertension, having your blood pressure too low is called Hypotension. Chronic hypertension is a risk factor for many complications, including peripheral vascular disease, heart attack, and stroke.

Individuals who are older are the ones who should be more careful about their blood pressure. Anxiety, depression, mania or mind altercation drugs can significantly increase your blood pressure temporarily. As this blood pressure chart from Blood Pressure Magazine details:

Blood pressure chart for men and women, ages 15 to 19

105 over 73 mmHg readings would be considered the lowest your BP should measure. Your BP may be in the middle of the chart, which is 117 over 77 or it may be slightly higher at 120 over 81 mm Hg. If your BP is measuring lower than these lows, you might be feeling faint and passing out. If your BP is higher, you may have headaches and heart-pounding sensations. Ask your doctor what a healthy blood pressure is for you and learn how to take your own BP either with a blood pressure cuff or a wrist cuff.

Ages 20 to 24

108 over 75 is the low healthy range for this age group. The middle range is 120 over 79 and the higher range is 132 over 83. It’s a good idea to have your BP checked annually, and if it’s high, keep a close eye on it.

Ages 25 to 29

109 over 76 is the low range. 121 over 80 is the middle range, and 133 over 84 would be considered the highest range. Your blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day depending on your level of activity. Have your doctor check your BP at different times to get an accurate base reading?

Ages 30 to 34

110 over 77 is the low range. 122 over 81 is the medium range, and 134 over 85 is the higher range. Are you checking your BP daily? If not and you have been slightly high before you may wish to learn how and keep track of it.

Ages 35 to 39

111 over 78 is the low range, 123 over 82 is the middle range, and 135 over 86 is the high range. If you’re edging toward the high range, ask your doctor what you can do to help keep your BP lower.

Ages 40 to 44

112 over 79 is the low range, 125 over 83 is the middle range, and 137 over 87 is the high range. Are you taking a daily walk and watching your salt intake? If not ask your doctor if you need to do so for your blood pressure sake.

Ages 45 to 49

115 over 80 is the low range, 127 over 84 is the middle range, and 139 over 88 is the high range. If you find yourself edging toward the higher range be sure to tell your doctor and follow his or her health advice.

Ages 50 to 54

116 over 81 is the low range, 129 over 86 is the middle range, and 142 over 89 is the high range. Hypertension is often called the silent killer because patients don’t necessarily feel the symptoms.

Ages 55 to 59

118 over 82 is the low range, 131 over 86 is the middle range, and 144 over 90 is the high range. If you’re a smoker, you suffer a higher risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

BP chart for women and men, ages 60 to 64

121 over 83 is the low range, 134 over 87 is the middle range, and 147 over 91 is the higher range. Women’s blood pressure may run slightly lower than the above charts list. This is normal and to be expected. If they don’t run lower, you may be at a higher risk for the condition.

Most patients don’t realize they have hypertension. If you’re experiencing unexplained headaches, dizziness, a pounding in your ears, nose bleeds, it can be symptoms of hypertension disease, and you need to contact a doctor for medical treatment.

You may be at a higher risk for hypertension on the above blood pressure chart if you are a smoker. Any type of tobacco can put you into the higher blood pressure category which is where you need to start keeping a close eye on your BP.

If you’re overweight, diabetic or you have a family history of hypertension your doctor will want to monitor your BP more closely. It’s important to exercise at least 30 minutes every day. If you’re more sedate, you are in a higher risk bracket.

Women who are over 40, in menopause or have a close family member with the condition need to be particularly aware of the condition and watchful. Men who are over 45 and women over 55 is at a higher risk for hypertension. Those who drink more than two drinks of alcohol in a day are considered higher risk.

If you have one or more of the conditions as listed above, you may wish to consult with your doctor about your best course of action to prevent HBP. Your doctor will likely suggest that you adjust your lifestyle to prevent the possibility of suffering from the condition. Your doctor will want to see you annually, and if your BP is up according to their blood pressure chart you may be asked to change a habit, exercise more, stop your intake of salt and possibly put on a medication.

Some medications work as a diuretic to drain off excess water from your body and thus lower your blood pressure. Other medications work to slow your heart rate. Often a doctor will prescribe more than one medication.

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Having trouble with my Blood Pressure tablets.  been changed 3 times.   They were making me cough.
Having trouble with my Blood Pressure tablets. been changed 3 times. They were making me cough.

June 19, 2019

Managed to get I down from 170. Or 186. To steady 30 to 40. Feeling dizzy Judy checked my BP dropped to 120/80. In


June 19, 2019

My blood pressure this morning before taking my blood pressure med is 121/97 is that normal ?


May 30, 2019

My blood pressure is 147/112 and had a kidney biopsy.


May 30, 2019

My Bp is 147/97 I am feeling week and dull no interest in any thing


May 30, 2019

Early morning (before breakfast) the first try it’s almosst 150 / 90. 5 minutes later 130 / 80.
Which one shall I believe?


January 30, 2019

134/86 @ 60 years old. Diabetic. Is this good?


June 14, 2018

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March 03, 2018

I am 74 years old. My blood pressure is 144[79 is that too high?

Sara perez
Sara perez

February 01, 2018

Hi i get my blood pressure checked everytime i get bad news and i always get it 138/86 is it normal and when i relax it goes to 120/81

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