Personal Stories: Marcus

June 27, 2017

I was diagnosed with MS in October 2014. It started with my left arm feeling weak and I just ignored it thinking it was nothing. Then it went into my left leg, and I still ignored it. Then the left side of my face was drooping when I would smile. We looked online about my symptoms. There was a bunch and MS was on that list but we thought it was Bells Palsy - at least we were hoping it was.

Then my speech wasn't right. I would slur my words. That is when I decided to go to the emergency room. They did a bunch of tests, like x-rays, CT scans, and an MRI scan. They came up positive for MS and I was crushed. I didn't know what to do.

They admitted me to the hospital. I stayed there for 5 days. On one of the days I was there, they did a spinal tap on me. That is another way to test for MS. The doctor said the outcome might return negative, and it did but the other tests came up positive for MS.

I was released from the hospital on Halloween and I had to use a walker to get around because my balance is off. I can't walk without the support of my walker still to this day.

I had many freak outs and I became really depressed. There were several times that I wanted to end my life because I felt like a burden. I overcame all of those obstacles that were in my way. Even though I'm still confined to my walker to get around. I want everyone to know my story so that they can get tested right away if they have the symptoms of MS so that they can catch it in time instead of like me, waiting for them to get worse.

Also I want people to know it's not a death sentence like I thought it was. With the right treatment and medication you can go into remission. My friend has MS. She is in remission, is doing great, walking on her own, and is perfectly fine and healthy. It will never go away because it's a disease of the autoimmune system. You can be fine for 6 months to a year, or even longer with the right treatment and medication, you will still have episodes every now and then.

That's why I want to spread the word about MS and my story. Just remember we are not alone. What really helped me to get through my obstacles was listening to "People Like Us" by Kelly Clarkson.

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