Personal Stories: David's Goliath

I was diagnosed with MS in 2006 at the age of 47, and as a former bodybuilder and health club owner I chose to take the disease head on through bodybuilding. Since that time I have won Most Inspirational at the Florida State Bodybuilding Championship in 2009 at 50 years old after being told I would be wheelchair bound. I have published a book about my fight against MS called David's Goliath, endorsed by Montel Williams who has MS, and other celebrities and I am currently working on my new fitness book with NY Times best selling literary agent Marilyn Allen.

I am a featured writer for, reaching approximately 30 million visitors per month with my column MS Fitness Challenge, with many of my articles appearing on reaching 250 million visitors. I am working with the AFPA, one of the most well respected certification companies in the fitness industry and have launched the ONLY MS personal trainers' certification that is supported by EMD Serono and

And now at almost 57 years old I just received the first ever Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award from Arnold Schwarzenegger! ( and will be receiving the Lifetime Fitness Inspiration Award in Feb 2016 next to bodybuilding legend Robby Robinson. I am considered the face of MS and fitness worldwide.

There is so much happening in my fight against MS, but the most important aspect of this journey is how we are helping others with multiple sclerosis realize that the road to victory is through exercise. We founded the MS Fitness Challenge to change lives and help those with MS have hope, goals and a lifestyle of health & fitness. But we are also reaching the market of people "challenged" with many diseases, disabilities and obstacles to overcome.

We have held successful MSFC events throughout the country providing personal trainers, nutritional supplements and a gym membership FREE of cost to those with MS who participate in our 12 week "Challenge".

I have been on Good Morning LA, FOX News Orlando and other TV and radio shows nationwide as well as in print media, and has released a feature on me and the MSFC: And I am in the process of signing a fitness book series deal with an international publisher with the foreword written by Daymond John form the hit show Shark Tank and endorsed by Arnold.

#MSChampion #InspireMillions

Boston Marathoner • Mother of Four • MS Champion

#MSChampion #InspireMillions

Although Andrea Poulton fights an advanced case of Multiple Sclerosis everyday, she still lives her life to the fullest. After being told she had only six-to-twelve months until she would no longer be able to walk, she took up running. Eighteen months later, she completed the Boston Marathon.

“I think she is just one of these people that is able to, not so much overcome the disease, but put it in it proper perspective and really be able to say the disease is not going to become me.”

- Dr. John F. Foley, Rocky Mountain Neurophysiology

Not only has Andrea become a very accomplished competitive runner, she is a loving wife and an incredible mother and teacher to four beautiful children.

Join us in supporting all those who battle everyday to live life to their fullest and support Andrea Poulton, MS Person of the Year, as she inspires millions with her story.


Personal Stories: Jason

Hello. My name is Jason and I am 39 from Michigan. Late last month I ended up via ambulance in the hospital, for the scariest 9 days of my life. Unable to feel my arms-legs, dizzy and confused- I ended up after lengthy testing, being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosois. That was devastating news I was not prepared for.

Not being able to work due to my MS, I am constantly either at a Dr.-Neuro-Therapy- etc apt. I am currently on 8 different medications to try to get my symptoms under control. Unfortunately, the bills are starting to add up. Not working, I have rent-phone-elect-etc, on top of a dozen medical bills that are overwhelming me.

In my day to day life I am a CNA(certified nursing assistant) and I love to help others get well. Sadly, I am the one needing help right now.

The one thing I do enjoy in life is professional wrestling. WWE-TNA-ROH- it really takes the edge off of life. Thus the Fight MS Fight, after the best wrester in WWE today, Kevin Owens ! You can find me on twitter as well @DolphZiggler

Help fund Jason

Atlas Orthogonal alignment for MS

laurel-griffinMy name is Dr. Laurel Griffin, and I am a board certified Atlas Orthogonal Doctor. The work I do as an Atlas Orthogonal doctor centers around the brainstem and affects blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid flow within the cranium. Cerebrospinal fluid flow plays a huge part in the progression and symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

My work focuses on misalignment at the top of the spine - at the atlas bone. When this freely movable synovial joint slips even slightly out of proper alignment, it can put pressure on surrounding arteries, nerves, muscles, and even the dura mater or brainstem as they exit the skull. Correction of this misalignment is very precise, gentle, and tailored to each individual patient. Physics and biomechanics have allowed us to calculate the adjustment so precisely that we can safely correct misalignments of this area of the spine, thereby relieving irritation of the above mentioned structures, without the use of any kind of twisting or popping. All adjustments are done within the normal range of motion of the joint, eliminating the joint cavitation or “pop” that is widely known as normal for a neck manipulation.

Pressure on the dura mater at the base of the skull can cause decreased CSF flow within the cranium, and subsequently increase CSF pressure within the skull. Recent medical research is finding that MS can be traced back to an increase in pressure of CSF within the cranium, as well as stagnation and toxicity within the CSF. Both of these can be the direct result of an atlas bone misalignment. By gently and precisely correcting this misalignment with the Atlas Orthogonal procedure, we can normalize CSF pressure and allow toxicity to drain. In this way, MS symptoms can be relieved and even reversed by Atlas Orthogonal adjustments.

Below is a link to a case study that is part of an ongoing study on this very topic. I will share the study itself when it is completed and published.

For more information on the work I do, please visit my website at

My goal is to help as many people as I can with Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic. MS is just one of the many simple to severe conditions we can treat. We also do significant work with even life-long migraine cases, fibromyalgia, vertigo, and more. Visit our testimonials page, and share our work. You could help change a life!

Dr. Laurel Griffin

Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist

Owner, Precision Chiropractic West

West Des Moines, IA 50266



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